White Oil 46

Prolube White Oil 46 is a white mineral oil used as a processing aid to lubrication oil in food, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.

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Prolube White Oil 46 is a white mineral oil specially processed and packaged to ensure full compliance with purity standards for use as a processing aid to lubrication oil in food, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.

Special Handling Note: While the inclusion of an FDA approved inhibitor in Prolube White Oil 46 greatly extends shelf life all white oils may darken and develop an odour if exposed to direct sunlight or stored at high temperatures. Accordingly White Oil should be stored at room temperatures or lower.
Prolube White Oil 46 is recommended for a variety of applications in the pharmaceutical and food industries and for general industrial applications where pharmaceutical grade white oil is required. Typical applications include the following.

Pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations such as ointments, and as carriers in the preparation of many curative drugs.
Food processing and packaging operations where lubricating oil used as a processing aid may be included in food or food packaging material, or where direct contact between the lubricating, hydraulic, or rust proofing oil and food packaging material may occur such as egg processing, meat packaging, sugar refining, food canning and the manufacture of paper intended for food packaging.
As a hydraulic fluid or bearing and gear lubricant in food processing and packaging machinery. White Oil 68 is recommended for compressors handling air or gases (except oxygen) used in food processing or carbon dioxide used in the manufacture of carbonated beverages.
General Industry, including: as a plasticiser for hydrocarbon resins; as process oil where extremely low sulphur contents are required; as lubricants for sewing, knitting and cloth cutting machines where stainless oil is required; for compressor lubrication in refrigeration systems operating on methyl chlorite of sulphur dioxide; agricultural sprays; organic synthesis; plastics manufacture and animal husbandry.
Meets or exceeds the following:

British Pharmacopoeia (BP)
US National Formulary
US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Regulations CFR 172.878, 178.3620(a), 178.3570 and 573.680.
US Pharmacopoeia (USP)
Deutches Arnzeibuch (DAB)
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