Oil samples kitProlube has implemented an oil testing/sampling service for our clients to use for diagnostics uses

Understanding our goal when taking oil samples helps us understand why proper sampling is vital to the process. Our goal when we take oil samples is “to obtain a clear indication of the operating state of the equipment”.

In order to do this we need to ensure that the oil sample is representative of the fluid in the system. Because we are collecting only a small sample of the oil as compared to the volume of oil contained in the system, then the sample we collect must accurately reflect all the oil in the system. The sample must reflect accurately:

  • ƒ Contaminants present in the system
  • ƒ Additives present in the oil
  • ƒ Oxidation and degradation by-products in the oil
  • ƒ Particulates present in the system
  • ƒ Wear condition of components

The latter two conditions, particulates and wear, are especially sensitive to the sampling process and in order for oil analysis testing to be truly indicative of these conditions proper sampling is essential.

When specifying proper sampling for a system one has to consider the fact that taking representative oil samples is dependant upon many factors including:

  • ƒ The sample point location
  • ƒ The sampling hardware and apparatus
  • ƒ The sampling method or procedure
  • ƒ The frequency of the sampling
  • ƒ Recent maintenance activities

For any further information or requests for oil testing or sampling, please call us at Prolube on 07 3881 1733.