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Engine Oils, Gear Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Transmission Oils, Agricultural Oils, Greases, Coolants and more… Browse our product range or contact your local Prolube Lubricants representative today.

Prolube Lubricants offer lubrication solutions for all industries and businesses. The Prolube Lubricants team has a wealth of knowledge gained from years of service in the industry and our staff are more than willing to pass on their knowledge and provide a solution to any lubricant requirement.

Some of the industries that Prolube service are:

  • Automotive and transport workshops
  • Earth moving and Construction
  • Marine
  • Agricultural and farming
  • Industrial and manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Retail Autoparts Stores
  • Toll Blending and Private Label

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 Toll Blending & Private Label

Prolube Lubricants has the ability and capability to Toll Blend and Private Label products specifically to the requirements of what the customer needs. Prolube Lubricants formulate their products meeting and most cases exceeding the local and international industry specifications complying with SAE, ACEA and API guidelines.

Toll Blending Services:

  • Custom formula blending
  • Private Label
  • Package Sizes to customer requirements
  • Network Distribution
  • Technical Support (SDS and PDS)

Private Label is a growing trend in lubricants in today’s market. Some of the benefits of Private Labelled lubricants:

  • Signifies corporate identity and recognition, growing corporate image.
  • Full control over the marketing and positioning of Private Labelled products.
  • Not competing against other distributors selling the same product.
  • Revenue Opportunity

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