Prolube Lubricants range of products has been formulated and manufactured to meet International Standards & OEM specifications that your equipment requires to continually protect and prolong the life of your equipment.

Prolube Lubricants

Company Profile

Prolube Lubricants was formed in 1988 to formulate, blend and market a range of automotive, transport & earth moving, industrial and agricultural lubricants and greases specifically to perform and protect under the arduous Australian climatic and operational conditions meeting the most stringent of Australian and international standards. Prolube Lubricants remains wholly Australian owned and operates out of a newly constructed state-of-the-art blending facility in Brisbane QLD, Australia.

Prolube Lubricants supports a growing network of distributors throughout but not limited to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. With the experienced team we have, Prolube will continue to explore and service new opportunities with great success.

The Prolube Lubricants Personnel aim to build long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships with all of our customers. Prolube prides itself on its enviable reputation for its consistent quality of product and service to its customers while still being competitive in the market place.

Our Mission

Prolube’s mission is to be the unparalleled lubricants supplier In Australia. Our success is based on our ability to consistently provide product as well as better and more effective solutions for our customer’s ever changing needs.

We commit to being innovative and responsive whilst maintaining products and services to our customers at competitive prices. Our goal is to ensure we meet our customer’s, staff’s, suppliers’ and management’s expectations in the delivery of our products and services to the marketplace. 


Prolube Lubricants’ commitment is to formulate and manufacture a diverse range of products to the highest quality and standards to satisfy the values, needs and expectations of our customers and to meet the requirements of our customers’ equipment. This is achieved through a strategy of continuous improvements though the implementation of a Quality Management System that enables Prolube Lubricants to maintain the highest standards whilst guaranteeing consistent quality in all of its products.

Prolube Lubricants aims to provide you with the most comprehensive package of premium quality products, services and supplies available, at a competitive price to ensure our joint success in our respective market places.

Prolube Lubricants warrants the quality and performance of its products, providing the correct product application and service intervals are met according to the applicable Equipment Manufacturer directions and products have been stored and delivered by best practices.

The Prolube People

The Prolube team has a wealth of knowledge gained from years of service in the industry and are only too willing to pass on their advice for smarter, more efficient lubricant and equipment solutions. At Prolube, we recognise that our people are our most valuable resource. Regular training of our staff is essential in developing professional people to look after our customers.

The Prolube staff pride themselves in providing a solution to any Lubricant requirement with the highest of standards in customer satisfaction being met. Customer satisfaction is highly regarded at all levels of the company. To ensure high customer satisfaction, we ensure that our customers are seen regularly from their Territory Managers, quality product is being delivered in a timely manner and in full, technical support, customer service support, and accounting support is readily available when required.

Quality products manufactured in Australia

Prolube Lubricants uses a revolutionary inline blending system that is widely recognised throughout the world as the most environmentally satisfactory method of blending quality lubricants. Prolube’s manufacturing process uses high quality hydro treated Group 2, Group 3 and Fully Synthetic base oils with the latest technology additive chemistry and blends them to produce lubricants meeting the upper limits of the relevant specification range.

We have access to international technological support including advice and development of new specifications and products. Our rigorous internal testing facility system guarantees a consistent quality in all of our products. We also make extensive use of the best independent laboratories in the development of innovative new products.

Prolube Lubricants offer a wide range of products specific to segment and market, this includes: engine oils, transmission fluids, gear oils, hydraulic fluids, greases and a diverse range of specialist products. These products are available in bulk as well as a variety of pack sizes including 1000 litre IBC’s, 205, 60, 20, 5 and 1 litre pack sizes. Prolube offers Toll Blending and Private Label Services specific to any requirement by the customer.


Prolube Lubricants has invested heavily in its own delivery fleet to ensure the highest standards of customer service are offered to all our customers. We can provide a high degree of flexibility in delivery scheduling to accommodate any challenges that any given site may present.

While our main focus of company owned delivery operations is the Brisbane metropolitan area, we have engaged a number of high quality service providers to deliver our product right across the country. Prolube Lubricants supports a growing network of distributors throughout but not limited to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. With the experienced team we have, Prolube will continue to explore and service new opportunities with great success.


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